Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution: Breaking Through Cultural Walls

Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution:
Breaking Through Cultural Walls


Do you suspect that some of the chronic conflicts you are experiencing are related to the cultural difference or personality clashes?
Ever wonder why you can’t seem to get problems resolved with some people but have no problems with others?
Are there some people you are afraid to talk to because they might “blow up”?
Do you have people you just plain don’t like and can’t quite figure out why?
Does it seem like no matter what you try you still can’t resolve the conflict?
Are you losing precious time and money from an erosion of productivity due to in-fighting staff?
Losing customers because of public confrontations?

We’ll teach your employees to:

  • Easily eradicate conflicts that are based on personality, gender, ethnic and sub-cultural differences
  • Quit reacting to angry and difficult people; choose an assertive, culturally-appropriate response
  • Spot and resolve issues that stem from a difference in cultural style differences versus a fact-based disagreement
  • Perfect revolutionary skills that are guaranteed to eliminate chronic conflict
  • Learn how to re-channel deteriorating, inappropriate comments and conversations into productive, cultural learning experiences
  • De-escalate and resolve explosive issues powerfully, professionally and effectively
  • Identify and take control of the assumptions and stereotypical behavior that create division and cost you money

“Conflicts are rooted in cultural communication differences and resolutions depend upon your ability to identify and adapt to those differences.”

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