Cross-Cultural Customer Service

Cross-Cultural Customer Service:
How to Attract & Keep Diverse Clientele

Would you like your salespeople to know how to sell your product to every person they encounter?
Wouldn’t it be great if your sales force knew exactly how to build rapport with customers who are diverse in age, gender, ethnicity, physical ability, sexuality, race and religion?
Would you like your salespeople to handle objections and conflicts in so positive a manner that the client feels indebted to them?
Would you like your sales team to be able to spot and tap into the unique talents of each culture and subculture — to break open whole new markets and create the perfect products and services for your customers

“Everyone knows that the best way to gain and keep a customer is to build a strong relationship. What everyone doesn’t know is that to build rapport you must understand cultural and subcultural communication differences so well that you can literally get on the other persons’ brainwaves!”

We’ll teach your sales force to:

  • Build rapport with people from different cultural and subcultural groups: Ethnic, religious, gender, racial, physical abilities, sexuality, age and personality style differences
  • Spot and resolve objections that stem from cultural style differences as opposed to product-based objections
  • Capture the full potential of your sales capacity by recognizing the Added Value that your customers posses based on their cultural and subcultural differences
  • Learn to “close” with a person who has a different communication style than your own. Learn how to redirect a deteriorating sales call that is culturally based
  • Perfect techniques to attract a culturally diverse customer base
  • Practice groundbreaking sales techniques and rapport building through coached role-plays, video segments and interactive dialogues
  • The modern workforce offers us our greatest sales challenge ever, as our consumers are increasingly diverse.
  • The techniques used to sell to one customer do not necessarily work to sell to another — especially when cultural differences come into play. Stay ahead of the competition — Know how to sell to everyone!

“Your obvious dedication to service above and beyond the call of duty is outstanding.”

Normon D. Kuka, General Manager, Hilton

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