Leadership – The Power of Paradigms: An Executive Approach to Creating New Subcultures Within Your Organization

The Power of Paradigms:
An Executive Approach to Creating New Subcultures Within Your Organization

Have you ever considered that you might be resting too comfortably on your past or current successes? In Search of Excellence reported on 43 of the best run companies in America. Business Week reported that within two years 14 of them had major financial problems because they had all failed to react and respond to changes.

Have you been trying to create company-wide change but continuously meeting resistance? If you are trying to make changes without changing the old paradigm, your employees will continue to act as they always have.

Are you spotting and creating trends or playing catch-up? Wayne Gretzkey, the great hockey player, said, “Most people skate to where the puck is. I skate to where the puck is going.”

“We saw noticeable positive results in morale, productivity and the work environment immediately following the program.”

– Carol Takasc, HR Director, UnitedHealthCare

Is your company prepared for the massive influx of diversity into the workforce? If not, your competitors will gladly take your trained employees. Women, Minorities, Gays and Lesbians, Differently Abled, and others who do not “fit” the majority culture will go to companies who support their specific “differences.”

Is your company mission and vision so compelling that people will do anything to fulfill it? If not, your vision is not hitting people on an emotional, intellectual, physical, ethical and spiritual level. Business or not, everyday people want to be inspired.

We’ll teach your leaders to:

  • Continuously question the current standards and ask the questions no one else is asking in your industry.
  • Asking the right questions, in the right way, at the right time will improve the quality of your work environment
  • Brainstorm and innovate solutions to compelling questions
  • Spot trends; anticipate massive innovations that can dramatically effect your company
  • Create a compelling future with powerful incentives to make changes and create action plans to fulfill your vision
  • Identify what has been labeled “impossible” in your industry and find a way to make it possible
  • Train your employees to “buy into” new paradigms
  • Identify what rules are being broken in your industry, who’s breaking them and what rules you can break to be the best

“Profound changes do not occur inside the box! True leaders not only take the lid off, but they also throw the whole box away! When this kind of boldness exists leaders are left with question after question after question. The answers to these questions can build empires.

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