Multicultural Leadership Training

Multicultural Leadership:
Responsible Management in a Diverse Workforce

Would you like your managers to proactively eliminate offensive behaviors that cause tension and lead to lawsuits?
Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to spend so much money on hiring and training because your culturally diverse employees leave the company upset, angry or disillusioned?
Do you want your supervisors to teach and empower their employees to deal effectively and appropriately with unacceptable comments and actions?
Would you like your leaders to finally understand that they have to develop all of their staff, not just “their favorites?”
Would you like your leadership to be able to spot and tap into the unique talents of each culture and subculture within their team — Break open whole new markets and create the perfect products and services for your customers?

I highly recommend Allegro’s Multicultural Leadership seminar for any company that is seeking professional direction in the areas of responsible leadership and diversity training!”

We’ll teach your employees to:

  • Learn to expand the limits of the company subculture to include different definitions of success — Teach everyone the “majority culture” rules but also allows new rules to emerge
  • Discover how to develop and retain employees that are different from the “majority culture.”
  • Spot and resolve issues that stem from cultural style differences as opposed to issue-based disagreements
  • Capture the full potential of your employees by recognizing the Added Value that each culture and subculture bring to your team as well as customers
  • Communicate to staff that “it is a big deal” and “it is their business” when discrimination is taking place and teach them tools to bring about a quick resolution
  • Learn how to redirect deteriorating or inappropriate comments and conversations into positive cultural learning experiences
  • Hone mentoring and networking skills so that all employees are successful and productive, not just those who are immediately identifiable as “the stars.”
  • Eradicate your company’s existing cross-cultural tension through groundbreaking, practical techniques and coached role-plays
  • Realize managers deal with products and human resources while Leaders grow as people — Learn the difference and see productivity take off!

“Employee development is the key to retaining a culturally diverse workforce. Knowledgeable leaders are the key to employee development. And successful diversity training is the key to the development of responsible, dynamic leaders.”

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