What kind of results do our clients see after engaging us
to develop a full-scale Multicultural Leadership Initiative (MCLI)?

Key MCLI Milestones

What is an MCLI? 
The multicultural leadership initiative is a comprehensive plan to ensure the success of all employees.
It assumes an absolute commitment to hiring and promoting such that employees from each group
mirror the community’s labor market. It assumes an absolute commitment to minority business development. These commitments will be demonstrated through ongoing, candid evaluations and measurements.

Utilize the grid below to track the progress of your corporation’s diversity initiatives:


Recruiting and Hiring
Employee Development
Minority Business Development
Evaluation and Measurement
Usage of diverse recruitment materials
Incorporation of a corporate-wide, basic diversity trainingcourse
Implementation of supplier diversity developmentprograms
Usage of annual employee satisfaction surveys
Utilization of cross-cultural interviewingtechniques
Incorporation of a corporate-wide intensive advance diversity trainingcourses
Creation of supplier appreciationprograms
Regular recognition of  cultures and diverse employees
Usage of power interview teams
Incorporation of train-the-trainer programs
Utilization of cultural resources to identify culturally diverse customers and suppliers
Utilization of executive scorecards
Development of a multicultural recruitment staff
Development and support of dynamic affinity groups
Utilization of culturally specific marketing materials
Usage of multi-cultural awards and recognition
Active membershipin key minority clubs and organizations
Creation of corporate cultural newsletters
Marketing within multicultural communities
Incorporation of annual cultural audits to evaluate progress against initiatives
Printing of publicly available newsletter articles on diversity
Continual review of corporate policies and procedures to ensure cultural inclusion
Encouragement of employee involvement with multicultural organizations and clubs
Tracking of cultural demographics within markets served
Implementation of culturally diverse internship and scholarshipprograms
Development of a formal mentorship program
Engagement in philanthropic ventures
Tracking of interview-to-hire ratios, retention numbers, interview-to-hire ratios and promotions
Usage of employee referral contests
Usage of diversity counsels and steering committees
Implementation of minority vendor mentoring programs
Tracking of first tier MWBE spending
Advertisement in cultural magazines and newspapers
Development of intranet diversity related articles, statistics and training
Membership to key minority supplier and community organizations
Tracking of second tier MWBE spending
Sponsorship ofculturally diverseconferences
Development of diversity related positions
Sponsorship of customer and supplier specificevents, conferences, and activities
Implementation of a highly visible diversity award for internal organizations

Key Milestones Achieved by a Major Corporation with Over 60,000 Employees After a Year of Fully Implementing an MCLI Strategy with Allegro

  1. Executive leadership and management were provided with tangible measurement scorecards and held accountable for corporate-wide diversity
  2. All North American employees participated in MCLI training through orientation, the basic course and/or the advanced course
  3. A train-the-trainer program was implemented to ensure that diversity training remained relevant and ongoing
  4. Domestic partner benefits were included in the standard company benefits package
  5. Multiple diversity manager positions were created throughout the organization
  6. The employee policy manual was amended to include “no tolerance” for discrimination against gays and lesbians
  7. A highly visible diversity award was developed and offered to groups that demonstrate exemplary progress toward diversity goals
  8. Diversity components were added to the corporate website
  9. There was a significant increase in retention, female employees, minority employees, minorities in management, minority hires and female hires (see chart below)

Data Reported by a Major Corporation with Over 60,000 Employees after a Year of Fully Implementing an MCLI Strategy with Allegro:

Workforce Numbers
% Change
Retention *
% Female Employee
% Minority Employee
Minorities in Mgmt****


% Change
Minority Hires
Female Hires
* Retention moved to above corporate average for the first time in Group history
** Ended July 31, 200X at 31.2% for the month
*** Ended the year 7% above our minority Metropolitan Statistical Analysis (MSA)
**** Ended the year over 80% of our minority MSA 

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