Case Study: Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Relationship:  Consulting, Training, Annual HR Conference Breakouts

Business Overview:

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Enterprise Rent-A-Car operates more than 5,500 offices worldwide, employs over 50,000 people and touts revenues topping
$6.9 billion. Enterprise specializes in consumer car rentals and chooses to locate their rental offices in “neighborhoods” in order to serve customers who need a rental as a result of an accident, mechanical problems or for special occasions. They recruit a large number of college graduates as management trainees who can learn the business from the ground and work their way up.

Allegro Training & Consulting was invited to Enterprise to provide sexual harassment training. Allegro Training & Consulting conducted a thorough Needs Assessment where many employees were randomly interviewed and/or participated in focus groups discussing the subculture at Enterprise. The results of the Needs Assessment were clear: because of the large number of young employees, what was thought to be a sexual harassment issue was clearly an issue of misinterpreting cultural differences and a lack of cross-cultural communication skills.

Allegro’s Business Solution:   Develop and facilitate corporate Multicultural Leadership Initiatives

Key Solution Highlights:
  • Created and coached a diverse, multi-level Steering Committee to be accountable for the key components of the multicultural leadership initiatives, to include hiring and recruiting, employee development, minority business development, evaluation and measurement.
  • Trained executive leadership, management, and employees through a series of transformational multicultural trainings. Training topics and content were customized to Enterprise utilizing specific business scenarios and role-playing to fully impact the participants.
  • Consulted with Steering Committee, training and advising them to: support charitable and other worthwhile local initiatives through volunteerism and financial contributions; make presentations to multicultural clubs and associations; market and advertise in multicultural communities; build a multicultural recruitment staff.
Key Enterprise Results:
  • Developed and continuously implemented diversity initiatives around employee recruitment and retention, employee development, supplier diversity and evaluation and measurement
  • 27% of Enterprise’s U.S. employees are minorities compared to a Federal average of 25%.
  • Andy Taylor was elected to serve on the Board of Trustees of the National Urban League.
  • Formal diversity-related positions have emerged within Enterprise, such as V.P. Corporate Relations, Corporate Diversity Manager, and Director of Community Relations.
Enterprise Comments:

“By raising awareness of your employees in today’s diverse environment, you can get the edge that allows your company to succeed. I highly recommend Allegro’s Multicultural Leadership training for any company that is seeking professional direction in the area of responsible leadership and diversity training.”

Scott Denson, V.P. / General Manager, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

“Our commitment is to involve all people throughout society in the success of Enterprise. As ethnic minorities move rapidly to become the majority populations and as women make greater strides in the business world, it is important to remember that people want to do business with companies they know and trust, and who accept them and employ them.” Free Enterprise 2002, Cover “Being the Best Neighbor,.”

Andy Taylor, Enterprise Rent-A-Car CEO

Case Study: Scott & Stringfellow, Inc.

Relationship: Keynote and Workshops for Sales Support Conference

Business Overview:

Scott & Stringfellow operates as a full-service regional brokerage and investment banking firm serving individual, institutional, corporate, and municipal clients. They provide comprehensive financial guidance and wealth planning to their clients. They employ over 600 associates, including over 250 financial advisors, in 41 locations throughout Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Scott & Stringfellow performed an audit of employee / management satisfaction through an employee survey. Allegro helped to evaluate employee / management satisfaction surveys, recommended appropriate communication workshops, and a follow-up stress management keynote that addressed the results of the surveys.

Allegro’s Business Solution: Workshops – “Dealing With Difficult Situations/People” and Motivational Keynote –“Stress & Positive Self Image”

Key Solution Highlights:

Workshop – “Dealing With Difficult Situations/People”

  1. Listening Skills: role-play to demonstrate the value of listening while dealing with upset people (prejudice, prejudgments make it difficult to hear someone)  techniques for de-escalating anger.
  2. Assertive Communication: when and how to confront a person who is being rude; using appropriate language that gives access to saying anything you want to say without putting others on the defensive or blaming or accusing, yet producing results.
  3. Difficult personality types and how to deal with them: silent/unresponsive, exploders and blamers, victims, negativists, complainers, indecisives, & expert know-it-alls.
Motivational Keynote –“Stress & Positive Self Image”
  1. The physical aspects of stress and how to counteract them. Emotion is created by thought, which creates physical response.
  2. Humor: introducing humor on a daily basis; creating a working environment that supports humor and fun; discouraging stereotypes that make it difficult to allow humor into a working environment.
  3. Quick effective techniques for managing your stress in a minute: freeze frame, disciplinary statement, & choosing priorities.

Key Scott & Stringfellow Results:

1.  Opened up productive lines of communication between management and employees.
2.  Inspired and motivated employees to achieve higher levels of sales performance.
3.  Fostered group participation and interaction styles that developed stronger employee/management

Scott & Stringfellow Comments:

“The evaluation forms reflected extremely positive comments of the conference as a whole, and many, many people took the extra time to write how ‘wonderful, inspirational, motivational, educational, helpful and humorous’ they found your works to be!”

Sarah E. Dale, Co-Chair

Scott & Stringfellow, Inc.

“…she is caring, intelligent, and funny… I would highly recommend Beth as both a trainer in the workshop format, or as a guest speaker. We would not hesitate to invite her back again and again and again.”

Patricia L. Soileau, Assistant Vice President
Scott & Stringfellow, Inc.

Case Study: Implementation of an MCLI – Reported by a Client

Allegro was engaged by a major sales organization to create, implement and measure the execution of a
Multicultural Leadership Initiative. Some key activities from the implementation include:


– Provided upper management with
“Advanced MCLI Training”
– Added “Intro to MCLI” to the new hire orientation process
– Developed detailed MCLI training modules 1, 2, & 3 with regional specific scenarios

– Established formal mentorship programs across each region.

Testing & Evaluation:
– Created “Skills” test with MCLI questions; required all employees to review and take the test
– Implemented a bi-annual corporate-wide survey on diversity

& Hiring

– Trained and implemented the use of cross-cultural interviewing techniques
– Provided coaches to sit-in manager interviews and provide feedback to the interviewers

– Provide demographic breakdown of interview-to-hire ratios
– Began demographic applicant tracking


Supplier Diversity:
– Developed and implemented an initiative to identify opportunities to increase MWBE spend

Business Tracking:
– Developed a quarterly activity tracking sheet
– Provided monthly rankings of supplier diversity dollars by vendor and business group

Networking Associations:
– Joined minority purchasing councils
– Joined the National Association of Women’s Business Owners
– Joined several minority-based Chambers of Commerce

   Evaluation &    Measurement

 Supplier Diversity:
– Provided upper management with “Advanced MCLI Training”
– Added “Intro to MCLI” to the new hire orientation process
– Developed detailed MCLI training modules 1, 2, & 3 with regional specific scenarios

Score Card:
– Established formal mentorship programs across each region

Key Results

  1. Executive leadership and management were provided with concrete measurements and held accountable for corporate-wide diversity
  2. All North American employees participated in MCLI training through orientation, the basic course and/or the advanced course
  3. A Train-the-trainer program was implemented to ensure that diversity training remained relevant and ongoing
  4. Domestic partner benefits were included in the standard company benefits package
  5. Created multiple diversity manager positions throughout the organization
  6. The employee policy manual was amended to include “no tolerance” for discrimination against gays and lesbians
  7. Developed a highly visible diversity award offered to groups that demonstrate exemplary progress toward diversity goals
  8. Added diversity components to the corporate website
  9. Significantly increased retention, female employees, minority employees, minorities in management, minority hires and female hires (see chart below)

Data Reported by a Major Corporation with Over 60,000 Employees
After a Year of Fully Implementing an MCLI Strategy with Allegro:

Workforce Numbers
% Change
Retention *
% Female Employee
% Minority Employee
Minorities in Mgmt****
% Change
Minority Hires
Female Hires


* Retention moved to above corporate average for the first time in Group history
** Ended July 31, 200X at 31.2% for the month
*** Ended the year 7% above our minority Metropolitan Statistical Analysis (MSA)
**** Ended the year over 80% of our minority MSA

Case Study: Implementation of an MCLI

Tangible examples of how Allegro can effectively intervene and create solutions for individual employees and their company:

Example 1:
Employee: African-American Female
Corporation: Large National Company
Relation to Allegro: Allegro had provided extensive training within the corporation and was fully knowledgeable of the corporate culture and key business initiatives.
Situation: After a training session, the employee contacted Allegro to discuss her experience at the corporation. She described several situations in which she experienced blatant sexual harassment. Based on the data that she shared, she appeared to have a very solid case. The employee felt comfortable approaching Allegro’s executive team to discuss her situation and sought some kind of amenable resolution.
ResolutionGiven Allegro’s depth of knowledge, regarding the company, we were able to discretely intervene and guide the employee to the appropriate people to take action. Along with Allegro, the company worked with the employee and the offenders to effectively resolve the issue as well as put in place strategic measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. This employee continued working at the corporation and did not file a suit.
Example 2:
Employee: Latino Male
Corporation: Mid-size Regional Company
Relation to Allegro: Allegro had provided training and workshops various portions of the corporation.
Situation: This particular employee did not receive an expected promotion from a senior-level manager. His counterpart, a white female, who had lower performance numbers and a questionable relationship with their boss, was promoted in his place. The employee felt slighted and as if he was passed over for a promotion due to his ethnic background or gender. Luckily, the employee had been an active participant in many Allegro training sessions and called our office immediately.
Resolution: We worked diligently to help this employee discuss his concerns with the right people in the organization. As a result, the corporation completed a full investigation and subsequently terminated the senior level boss. The male employee did not file a suit.
Example 3:
Employee: White Female
Corporation: Large National Company
Relation to Allegro: Allegro had provided ongoing training for several divisions within the organization.
Situation: During a promotional interview, the employee experienced sexist comments and did not end up getting a promotion. This employee had participated in several Allegro sessions and called our executive team for coaching.
Resolution:  We immediately sat down with the employee and discussed her options. We were able to carefully guide her on how to approach the situation with her employer. We directed her to the appropriate people and offered mentoring throughout the process. This employee did not file a suit and continued working within her corporation. With Allegro’s help, the corporation redesigned some of its interviewing and promotion processes so that similar situations could be avoided in the future.

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