Effective Communication Skills for Managers

Effective Communication Skills for Managers
When leading others, you must be fluent in the languages of appreciation in order to lead, develop, and grow your team!

How many people are promoted to a managerial or supervisory role only to discover they don’t know anything about working with people? This seminar is your essential toolkit for great communication, the basics you must have to successfully lead people.

We will cover how to delegate, provide feedback and correction, and get your message across without triggering defensiveness. We’ll explore different personality styles and provide a simple 2-question tool that will help you figure out others’ styles. You’ll learn the appropriate words to motivate each style, why listening is so crucial to communication and how to do it well. We’ll finish the day by learning how to express appreciation for a job well done in a way that people will hear it.

We will teach your employees to: 

  • Discover how and why a leader must communicate effectively
  • Learn what a leader must communicate:
    • His/her mission
    • His/her team’s mission
    • His/her expectations of each individual on the team
    • Is there anything you need from me?
    • Here’s how I see your performance
    • Your performance must improve
    • I am taking this action because of your performance
    • You’re doing a great job, and I appreciate you
  • How to communicate concepts with clarity when leading people
  • The 4 Roadblocks to effective communication
  • The antidote to communication breakdown
  • How to skillfully listen and develop fluency in the language of leadership
  • How to speak the Five Languages of Appreciation 

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