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Success Secrets of CEO's, Executives and Managers

30 Vital Lessons for Women, Minorities and GLBTs to Fast Track to the Top!
Go to almost any company, even the ones that are trying to get diverse talent to the top, and you will inevitably see that diverse talent is stuck at front line management! This live presentation uncovers the "whys" to this problem and the "hows" to truly get women, minorities, GLBTS (and any other underrepresented cultures) to the top!

Diversity Beyond Black & White

Selling Your CEO (and everyone else!) on the Business Case for Diversity!
Unprecedented changes in minority labor pool demographics and the quadrupling of spending power in emerging majority markets make diversity a Business Imperative worthy of any executive's strategic development planning. This live presentation is designed to assist you in gaining executive buy-in through indisputable data and case studies of successful fortune 500 companies who have been successfully incorporating diversity into their core business strategies for years!

Success Secrets of CEO's, Executives and Managers

The Definitive Roadmap to developing and implementing a successful diversity initiative!
In this live presentation, learn how to convert soft diversity programs into definable, measurable and attainable ROI objectives that everyone, including executives, can incorporate as top priority business strategies! Our road map is designed to give you the metrics, time line and budget required to incorporate diversity goals into your long-term business strategies. We will walk you through the road map by examining four core business areas: Multicultural (MC) recruiting and hiring, MC employee development, MC community & vendor business development, and evaluation and measurement.

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