Confidence & Credibility

Confidence & Credibility:
Personal and Professional Success
for Women and Minorities

Would you like to powerfully communicate your ideas and have them not only recognized but implemented too?
Would you like to keep calm and collected in emotionally-charged meetings, confrontations and other high-stake situations?
Would you like to achieve even greater success by knowing the corporate game and how to play it to your advantage?
Have you ever walked away from a conflict intimidated, frustrated or angry because you weren’t able to get the resolution you wanted?
Would you like the skills to deal with gender differences that affect your promotability, credibility and productivity?
Have you ever wished you had more confidence to pursue your dreams, ask for that promotion or tell people what you really think?

“You have a wealth of information and experiences which allow you to relate to your audience and give personalized feedback. Often sensitive issues are touched on and discussed with terrific audience response.”

Johanna B. Garner 
HR / Business Applications Analyst
Federal Express

We’ll teach your employees to:

  • How to successfully and confidently present your ideas and proposals to a colleague, small meeting or large audience
  • Discover the differences in male/female work rules, identify gender-based conflicts and learn to negotiate prosperous resolutions
  • Move to an advanced level of assertive communication skills without being labeled aggressive, pushy or overbearing
  • Gain a competitive edge by knowing the power of politics — networking, mentoring, rule-making and breaking and how you really get promoted
  • Learn how to get quality, advantageous information in a competitive, hierarchical environment by identifying the formal and informal channels for getting what you want
  • Maintain sanity — Learn our proprietary process that will bring peace and balance to your personal and professional life
  • Stay calm, cool and collected no matter what’s happening — Learn to use our unique approach for Managed Thought
  • Make your first impression count by eliminating speech habits, words and gestures that can be interpreted as wishy-washy and lacking in confidence

To achieve professional success you must know how to handle office politics, confrontations and hidden agenda with savvy. To accomplish that you must express your personal power through self-assured, articulate expression and bold, persuasive communication skills.

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