License to Love: Don’t Have a Relationship Without It!

License to Love:
Don’t Have a Relationship Without It!

“Money may not grow on trees but relationships do! Tap into the abundance mentality. Allegro’s revolutionary ideas will help you find the love of your life without waiting a lifetime to find it!”

Are you tired of searching for the “right” person and investing months, even years, into relationships that don’t last?

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what you wanted and needed in a partner, knew how to find it and knew how to keep it?

Do you ever date people with lots of potential and just keep hoping they’ll reach it so you can have a great relationship with him or her?

Do you ever wonder if there are really any good men or women left and feel like giving up your search?

Have you ever felt like you aren’t worthy of a relationship or that there is something wrong with you and that is why you can’t find Love?

If you are single, in a new relationship or considering a lifelong commitment, this workshop is for you:

  • Learn our unique process for attracting the man or woman of your dreams without wasting even a month on a relationship that isn’t “the one”
  • Identify your true needs in a partner — what you can and cannot live without
  • Increase your capacity for open, honest, compassionate communication through our proprietary skill called Truth Talk
  • If you are ready for the Love you say you want, learn the fascinating interview technique for creating an Intentional Relationship
  • Tap into your fears, face them, then throw them far, far away. Learn the art of Consensual Conflict
  • Identify your own core values and how to articulate them to a potential “candidate“
  • Once you find your Love, create a vision for your relationship to keep your Love and passion alive and growing

“Gain the self worth and demonstrate the confidence to attract and keep the Love of your life.”

“You provided us with exactly what we needed.”

— Mary Ann Ritter,
HR Director, Portfolio School of Design

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