License to Love: Don’t Live Without It!

License to Love:
Don’t Live Life Without It!

“Experience your deepest impulse: Love! Let go of the pain, hurt and anger that keeps you from giving and receiving the most profound gift of life: Love!”

Would you like love to be at the center of your life and to be the motive for your behavior?Are you interested in living a life filled with passion, purpose and joy?

Would you like to give and experience love in every interaction you have?
Would you like to gain the strength to confront unloving acts and be part of the creation of a world that places love above all else?
Do you think the last statement is going a little too far?

We’ll teach your employees to:

  • Tap into levels of acceptance, compassion and forgiveness you have never experienced
  • Learn to take risks for Love and to take a stand against unloving actions
  • Confront and overcome your blocks to Love
  • Learn to Love the people you love to hate
  • Learn to give without resentment and to say “no” lovingly
  • Find out about the healing power of Love for physical well-being

When you choose Love as a way of life you live the gifts of the life you choose: Passion, peace, acceptance, forgiveness, purpose, surrender, trust, gratitude and giving. Learn to live the gifts.

“Thank you once again for your very inspiring words. Since attending your seminar, I have been motivated in ways that I have not been for years.”

— Dulcinea Lindsey, Manager Kimberly-Clark

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