License to Love Your Job: Don’t Go to Work Without It!

License to Love Your Job:
Don’t Go to Work Without It!

Do you want to work in an office where passion and purpose are encouraged?
Where power and play are synonymous with high productivity?
Where creating compassionate community is a daily priority?
Where personal responsibility and integrity are the common practice?
And where loving behavior is the standard of the day?

We’ll teach your employees to:

  • Gain access to a level of confidence that most people will never tap into in their lives
  • Discover your passion so that love and joy fill your days
  • Fall in love with your job and attain your life’s purpose while achieving financial abundance
  • Use our customized four-step process for thinking outside the box
  • Master an advanced level of responsibility, assertiveness and forgiveness in confrontational situations
  • Expand professionalism to include laughter and play in a flexible working environment
  • Build a compassionate community at work as well as foster cooperation
  • Identify the flexibility needs of your organization to promote creativity and decrease turnover

The seminar was superbly planned and run. I came away feeling re-energized, inspired and self-assured.

— Ann Marie January, Professor, Fairfield University

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